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Doingdata for data suppliers

If you are a data supplier, list owner or an appointed list manager, add your company to to exhibit your data portfolio to the data buying market.

We charge an annual administration fee of just £35 (+ VAT where applicable) which helps towards the cost of adding and administering your company and datacard information. The fee is payable by direct debit. You can also add additional datacard information at any time, for which there is usually no additional charge*. Our administration charge to suppliers is always kept as low as possible as want to provide the most inclusive and comprehensive service possible to those who are searching for marketing data.

*We do reserve the right to review this figure for companies with very large datacard portfolios. Please talk to us about your portfolio if you want to confirm this.

As a data supplier, Doingdata could be an ideal marketing channel for your business, as it is used primarily by brokers and data planners. We also offer additional promotional services to data suppliers - more information about those can be found here.

What information does Doingdata need? can only accept details of data that is exclusively managed or co-managed by your company. We need to your company contact address and telephone numbers as well as contact names of those who can deal with enquiries. We also need full details on your data - most standard ratecards have the level of information we require, but if you're unsure, please do ask us.

How will Doingdata work with me going forward?

We appreciate that you are busy and can't spend all your time updating us. Statistics show that your datacards are more likely to be considered for review if they are kept up to date. We'd like you to tell us about changes to your data opportunities as they occur or at regular intervals. We will contact you (approx 4 times per year) to verify that your records on remain accurate going forward and outline how we'd like to work with you on this in our "Doingdata - working with us" document.

How can I see all the information Doingdata holds for my company in the future?

Once your details have been added to the service, we will also give you online access to the "My Company" area, where you can review all the information Doingdata holds on your company at any time.

Are there further ways to promote my data?

Yes! Whilst the overall service of listing datacards is free, also provides additional ways to enhance and promote your data opportunities via:

Upgraded company profile listing
Databulletin mixed media broadcast
Pay per click enquiries
How do I get started?

We firstly need to get your full company contact details to set you up as a supplier. Get in touch with us, and we'll help you get included..

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