Promotion opportunities with Doingdata

Databulletin mixed media broadcast

Databulletin is Doingdata's mixed media announcement service that broadcasts your news/promotions in a variety of formats.
The content can be about your company/services, or about specific data opportunities that can be linked to your datacards on ,

Databulletin combines the following activities to reach our growing groups/followers:

Bulletin email – Your copy/images in our HTML template to bulletin subscribers (approx 1000)
Published to our group on Linkedin
Your headline tweeted to our Twitter followers
Feature news item published on home page - min 2 days.

Single Databulletin costs just £145.
Block bookings also available.

Pay per click promotion opportunities

databulletin provides a series of pay per click options via a selection of low cost credit packages.
Buy a bundle of credits (bundles start at just £25) and you can then enable any/all of the following options:

Receive online enquiries from your datacards
Appear at the top of search results
Promote your company on search pages

These credits are deducted from your credit bundle balance only when a click-thru action has occurred. You can enable/disable your promotion option online at any time and you remain in total control of your spend as you go.

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