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All about Credits and Click-thru Promotions.

Doingdata.com provides a selection of click-thru promotion opportunities so that you can increase the visibility of your company and your datacards on doingdata.com.

Enable click-thru promotion options easily in the My Company area:

1. Buy a credit bundle online by card or offline by invoice – starting at just £25 + VAT
2. Enable any/all of the 3 click-thru options with a single click
3. Monitor how your click-thru credits are being used in the Credit Usage Audit page

You have total control over your budget and how your credits are used - you can enable/disable any of the 4 click-thru options in My Company at any time.

You can top up your credits by buying additional bundles at any time too.

How much are credits?

How do I spend my credits – what click-thru options are available?

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How do I review my click-thru spend? - Click-thru audit page

Important notes about credits

How much are credits?

There are currently 3 bundles available:

Bundle 1 – 50 credits£25.00 *(equiv to 50p each)
Bundle 2 – 100 credits£45.00 *(equiv to 45p each)
Bundle 3 – 250 credits£100.00 *(equiv to 40p each)

*All prices are subject to standard rate UK VAT where applicable.

As you can see, the bigger the bundle purchased, the cheaper your credits overall.

Select a bundle and pay online by credit card to “bank” credits. Additional credits can be purchased at any time to top-up your credit balance.

If your credit balance falls below the minimum required to perform a click-thru, the promotion option is automatically disabled. You can choose to enable it again when you buy more credits.

How do I spend my credits – what click-thru options are available?

Your credit balance will be reduced only when a click-thru is made from your enabled options. The following options are available:

Promotion option # of credits per click-thru
Receive online enquiries directly from your datacards5
Datacard highlights - Jump the search result queue2
Promote your company on search pages1
External web download link on datacards5

Read on for more details about each click-thru option…

Receive online enquiries directly from your datacards

With this option enabled, an additional link is shown to anyone (regardless of whether they are a Doingdata subscriber or not) looking at your datacard, as shown here.

When the “Enquire about this data” button is clicked, a simple form is presented, as shown below.

When the “Send enquiry” button is clicked, the enquiry details are sent to your primary email address* and your credit balance is deducted. *Your primary email address is shown and can be updated/edited by you in the My Company > Company Summary page.

mailing list enquiry
Datacard highlights - Jump the search result queue

Enabling datacard highlights provides the ability for your datacards to jump the keyword search results page.

You can select any or all of your datacards for inclusion in this click-thru option: on the My Company > My Datacards page – each datacard has a tick box, or you can select the “Promote all” option.

When a keyword search is performed on doingdata.com, the ranked datacard results scored and listed by relevancy depending on the keywords entered, with the highest scoring datacards appearing at the top of the ranked result.

Where a keyword search result contains datacards that have been included in the datacard highlight promotion, the search engine will jump a maximum of 3 datacards to the top of the search result in the “Sponsored Results” block above the ranked results as shown here.

If there are sponsored datacards matching the result from multiple suppliers, the engine will choose 3 relevant datacards from varying suppliers to keep the result as fair as possible.

Credits are NOT charged for appearing in the sponsored block. Credits are only charged when a click to view the datacard is made from the sponsored block. If a datacard you have selected for promotion has not been chosen by the engine to appear in the sponsored block, but it is subsequently clicked to view from the ranked result, your credit balance will not be deducted.

If the search result contains datacards from just a single supplier, the sponsored block is not shown, the page shows ranked results only, meaning there will be no click-thru charge.

mailing lists enquiry
Promote your company on search pages
Doingdata has created a “business card” type advert that can be shown on various search screens on doingdata.com. As per an example shown here, it contains your company logo, a link to your portfolio page, and your specialities.

There are 2 versions of this advert, the one shown here, plus a narrower version that is shown on the search results pages. The system chooses these adverts at random for display on these pages. Credits are NOT deducted for the display of these adverts. Credits are only deducted where a click-thru is made to view your company page. The system chooses these adverts at random for display on these pages. Credits are NOT deducted for the display of these adverts. Credits are only deducted where a click-thru is made to view your company page.

Please note that this business card style advert is only shown for suppliers who have purchased the annual List Manager Profile Upgrade. If you have not purchased the upgrade, your advert on the search and search results pages will be text only – with your company name and a link to your company page (no logo, no additional text).
mailing list enquiry
Add a web download link to your datacards
Download this Data

If your data is available for online purchase and download, this click-thru option is for you! Add a unique URL link to each of your datacards so that anyone can click a link to your website to make their purchase and download their data.

The image opposite shows how the link looks on datacards…

It’s shown to everyone, regardless of their access level on Doingdata. Your credit balance will be reduced by 5 credits when the link is clicked from your datacard. The web link URL can be added/edited by clicking the blue “Edit download link” button which is displayed at the top of each of your datacards.

If an external web link is present on your datacard, you will see a tick in the “web link” column on your My Datacards page as a visual reminder.

The link will be active, as long as you have a balance of 5 or more credits.

How do I review my click-thru spend? - Click-thru audit page

The My Company > Click-thru audit page allows you to review exactly how your credits have been spent so far.

What happens if I run out of credits?

The system checks to see if you have enough credits available for any of your enabled click-thru options, and will simply not implement them if there are not enough credits available to fulfil them. We recommend your credit balance is never lower than 7 to ensure all the options are active and available to you. Buy a new credit bundle online or offline to keep your credit balance topped-up.

Important notes about credits:
  • Credits do not expire – your credit balance will remain in place until your credits get used – you can’t overspend as credits are pre-purchased for a set fee.
  • The time it takes for your credits to be used will depend on the content of your datacard/s and whether this matches the searches people make on our website.
  • Your credit balance is deducted only when a positive click-thru action has occurred.
  • You and any members of your team will not be charged credits for clicking on your own click-thrus, as long as your/their user accounts are linked with your company. Please ask us to check this if unsure.
  • If a repeat click-thru has occurred in the same visit (eg: one person clicking the same company link or datacard multiple times) your credits are charged just the first time.
  • You can enable/disable any click-thru option at any time from the My Company area.
  • We provide a Credit Usage Audit page so you can see exactly how your credits are being spent.
  • Credits are non-refundable.
  • Doingdata will not refund money for un-used credits.
  • Doingdata reserve the right to alter the amount of credits required for any promotional option at any time.
  • Doingdata reserve the right to change to price of credit bundles at any time. This change will not affect any credits you have already purchased which form your credit balance.
  • Doingdata do not make any guarantees on the effectiveness of any click-thru promotion.

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